Ferran llagostera is one of these stone-hewn filmmakers, possessor of a filmography as extensive as it is varied. Since he left his Fine Arts studies in the mid-60s to enroll in the legendary Aixela school in Barcelona, he has not stopped making and producing films, documentaries and TV series. Last season we were able to see the emotional “The united people will never be oppressed: Allariz 89” and this time we present a documentary also with a great emotional charge: “Angels in Berlin”, the story of the Orchestra of la Bona Sort, a musical group led by the musician José Manuel Pagán, author of numerous soundtracks (“Pa negre”, “En brazos de la mujer madura”, “Angoixa”, “Lola”, etc.) and formed by people with mental health problems. According to the current social criteria, the only thing that matters about these people is the distinguishing feature, the disease, but L’Orquestra de la Bona Sort tries to recover them from ignorance, make them visible and give them the entity that we deny them, bringing out their capacities from the difference. The documentary gives them the floor and follows them at a concert in Berlin, a city that, according to the organizers, has also suffered from schizophrenia.
In the subsequent colloquium, we had the presence, in addition to the director and screenwriter, Ferran Llagostera, the founder and director of the Orchestra, Juan Manuel Pagán, and Dr. Guillem Humet, the psychiatrist responsible for the project and medical director of the Maresme Therapeutic Community.

Data sheet

Title: Angels in Berlin
Script and direction: Ferran Llagostera
Production: Alfonsi Vega
Director of Photography: Xavier Camí
Edition: Carles Romeu
Music: José Manuel Pagan
Language: Catalan
Year: 2013