To Joan Saura and Oriol Perucho, in memoriam.
Two seasons ago we screened Eva Vila’s splendid Bajarí, nominated for the Gaudí Awards for Best Documentary of 2014 and awarded at several international festivals. On this occasion we wanted to present his first feature film, B-Side, an original and interesting proposal that also went through several festivals with success, such as those in Rotterdam, Doclisboa, Warsaw, Cagliari, In-Èdit, among others. B-Side. La cara B de la música a Barcelona, of what critics said was “a filmed gem” (El Periódico) and “which will remain as one of the emblems of what is known as a creative city” (La Vanguardia), it takes us into the creative processes that take place before the curtain opens. The journey that precedes the final performance, the backstage, the rehearsals, the recordings, the exams, the study, the bar conversations… Eva’s musical training gives her films a sound texture that manages to contribute to the viewer a different way to approach the images. The musicians that the film shows us are those who are not talked about, those of contemporary music, the experimentalists, those of avant-garde jazz, those who, ultimately, are the shadow, the hidden face of the show, those on the B side.
To two of these musicians from the scene of experimentation and improvisation in our country, Joan Saura, who disappeared in 2012 and Oriol Perucho, who died last January 16, both present in the film, we wanted to dedicate this pass

Data sheet

Title: B-Side
Script and direction: Eva Vila
Production: Eix Films
Camera operators: Carlos Vázquez, Susanna Sanz, Pol Ponsarnau and Eva Vila
Edition: Pol Ponsarnau
Direct sound: Amanda Villavieja, Gemma Montasell, Phillipos Vardakas and Manu Roblesa
Language: Catalan
Year: 2008
Duration: 94′