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Altervideo and Cinemas Girona presents: VISIONS DE l’ISLAM06/06/14 09:54

“ Visions of Islam ,” is a cycle that has been structured as a parallel activity of a conference organized by the UB on transnational Islam : “Viure l’Islam al sud d’Europa” This is a project that seeks to visibility of Islam and establish links of dialogue , and even just a little bit in that sense, these are two important priorities that have raised in European societies today , our intention is that the project will be continued , grows and can become the Islamic film Festival of Barcelona (surprisingly there are any) .

Entremons – Al Barzaj.
Al Barzaj [ entremons ] is a poem about the world between the visible and the invisible, the dream and the wakefulness …An inner journey through underground streets and secret gardens

The Pakistani government forbids the Basant, the festival of the stars . There are protest demonstrations and mass arrests . Lahore shuts in a sad silence. But some defy the law, with stars .

Burruezo & Nur Camerata
A concert by Pedro Burruezo

Un cosmos que danza, sufismo, música y mística
Music and dance together in Fez Festival , his poetic documentary about the music, movement and gesture of practicing Sufi

After each screening will engage a discussion between the authors and the audience .

With the collaboration of “Grup de Recerca sobre Exclusió i Control Socials” of the University of Barcelona

All sessions will take place at 09:30 pm. at Cinemas Girona .
Price for session : 5€ . Subscriptions : 15€
Participants at the conference “Viure l’Islam al sud d’Europa” 3.80 €

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