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The Stigma?, All you should know 5 June 2014


The Stigma? is a documentary by Martí Sans that explores and reflects on the genesis and sticking with the anti-Jewish prejudice in the current Spain and it has the participation of fifteen experts. This project has involved three years of work, including a year and half of research



The Stigma? is born out of the personal need of his author, Martí Sans, the need to explain himself why during 50 years he had ignored almost everything about a tradition that is part of our cultural and genetic legacy. The immersion in the little Jewish community in Barcelona forced him to reconsider his own prejudice.
Judaism is one of the basic pillars of our culture. A historical enigma that has always irritated the West, which knowing itself to be dependent on it, tries to dissociate itself from it. A contradiction experienced with anguish throughout history and many times dealt with in a tragic way.
Through interviews with fifteen experts, the documentary unreels the history and mutations of Judeophobia, from the Christian accusation of “deicide” until the emergence of the modern state of Israel. The ignorance and rejection of Judaism are still present in many sectors of our society.The Stigma? proposes to challenge key ideas inherited from centuries of misunderstanding and intolerance that deserve to be rethought.

With the participation:

Gabriel Albiac, Philosopher and writer
Enric Cortès, Capuchin. Doctor of Holy Scripture
Joan B. Culla, Historian and writer
Maria Josep Estanyol, Ph.D. in Semitic Philology, University of Barcelona
Malka González, Psychologist, descendant of conversos
Andreu Lascorz, Hebraist
Josep Ramon Magdalena, Professor of Hebrew Culture at the University of Barcelona
Josep Monseny, Psychoanalyst
Josep Montserrat, Theologian and former priest. Author of The Christian Synagogue
Gustavo Perednik, Writer. Author of Judeophobia
Pilar Rahola, Writer and journalist
Jaume Renyer, Writer and jurist
Xavier Torrens, Professor of Political Science at the University of Barcelona
Eugenio Trias, Philosopher. Author of Thinking Religion
Vicenç Villatoro, Writer and journalist

Opinions on the documentary:

“…It’s great news the magnificent documentary that opens today. Titled The Stigma? is a work of Martí Sans which examine minutely the current news of the anti-Jewish prejudice, unfortunately as alive as ever” Pilar Rahola (La Vanguardia)

“The documentary, which has something of ideological and intimate conversion, makes us part to a discovery with no inhibitions.”
David Castillo (El Punt Avui)

“Martí Sans has achieved a thorough witness to a deeply ingrained prejudice in Spain. With the strength of the documentary format and the tenderness of the familiar, The Stigma? reveals an open secret: that hatred continues to stalk the unsuspecting and naïve ones. This is a film that has the potential to change the lives of those who watch it without prejudice, always for the best.”
Gustavo Perednik (Writer. Author of Judeophobia)

“*_The Stigma?_*: A document that shows how ignorance nourishes itself related to the beliefs of others and how easily a stereotype can be invented and established, again and again, until it gets to deflect and distort the history of coexistence.”
Jorge Wagensberg (physical and museologist)

“*_The Stigma?_* achieves the very useful purpose of art: to make us question our own prejudices. The most intimate and seemingly entrenched. A critical and rigorous documentary on how we look at others and think that we are different.”
Lolita Bosch (Writer)

“Talking about our attitude to the Jews, as in The Stigma?, is talking deep down about ourselves. About our values, our fears and our principles. The Jewish world is in the midst of the world of all of us and often acts as a mirror to us.”
Vicenç Villatoro (Writer)

“A lucid diagnosis of the state of Catalan public opinion regarding the Jewish people.”
Jaume Renyer (Writer and jurist)

“*_The Stigma?_*, a documentary that everyone should see at least once.” Lluís Bassat (Publicist)

“*_The Stigma?_* has excellence and innovation because it takes us into the documentaries of advanced countries that addresses current Jewish life.”
Xavier Torrens (Professor of Political Science at the University of Barcelona)

Technical file

Title: The Stigma?
Director: Martí Sans
Producers: Martí Sans and Pablo Sánchez
Scriptwriters: Martí Sans and Marçal Cebrian
Genre: Documentary
Format: HD
Duration: 73 min.
Company: Altervideo
Year: 2013
Theme: The Stigma? explores and reflects on the genesis and sticking with the anti-Jewish prejudice

Martí Sans:

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