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On October 29th The Stigma? at the Filmoteca05/06/14 12:32

Reflects on the genesis and sticking with the anti-Jewish prejudice in the current Spain The immersion in the little Jewish community in Barcelona forced him to reconsider his own prejudice.
La pel•lícula serà presentada per l’escriptora Lolita Bosch i pel seu autorMartí Sans

“The documentary, which has something of ideological and intimate conversion, makes us part to a discovery with no inhibitions.”
David Castillo (El Punt Avui)
“The Stigma?: A document that shows how ignorance nourishes itself related to the beliefs of others and how easily a stereotype can be invented and established, again and again, until it gets to deflect and distort the history of coexistence.”
Jorge Wagensberg (physical and museologist)

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