Barcelona is the geographical framework through which a disruptive generation circulates that will create, from an alternative position, a space of freedom where a true revolution in customs and an explosion of creativity will take place. In the seventies, the city saw the birth – and death – of an active and activist counterculture in the midst of a party that seemed to have no end.
Through interviews and archival images, the documentary recreates the underground atmosphere of a city that began to run wild a few years before Franco’s death and that gradually died down as the political transition consolidated . Music, comedy, fringe press, drugs, sexual freedom and countercultural values join hands in a city that seemed to be boiling.
Nazario, Mariscal, Montesol, Onliyú, Pau Riba, Pepe Ribas, Juanjo Fernández, Quim Monzó, Pepicheck and Oriol Tramvia, among others, explain how they lived that time of party and utopia.

Data sheet

Title: Barcelona era una fiesta(Underground. 1970-1980)
Director: Morrosko Vila-San-Juan
Executive Production: Pablo Sánchez
Screenplay: Roger Roca and Morrosko Vila-San-Juan
Assembly: Pau Atienza and Morrosko Vila-San-Juan
Original music: Raúl Fernández “Refree”
Animation and graphics: Arturo Bastón