Ramon Barnils (1940-2001) was a journalist with a corrosive style and critical spirit towards the dominant discourse. He was a prolific collaborator in written media such as Tele/eXpres, El Noticiero Universal, La Vanguardia, El Be Negre amb Potes Rosses, Ajoblanco, Solidaridad Obrera, Agència EFE, El Temps, etc., and in radio programs such as El parrot, the moor, the monkey and the lord of Puerto Rico from Catalunya Ràdio. His career and his collaborations have made him, even today, one of the leading journalists in our country.
The documentary ‘Barnils tal com raja’ delves into the life and work of the journalist based on interviews with friends, family, journalists, politicians, childhood friends, film directors, night owls and writers who knew him. The film is also a portrait that becomes the story of a generation and an era that goes from the 60s to the end of the 20th century: the anti-Franco struggle, the role of the libertarian movement, the questioning of the political transition and the bet for the independence of Catalonia.
On this occasion, our monthly pass was moved to Tuesday, March 15, because on March 15, it will be fifteen years since Ramon Barnils died, and Documentary Visions, in collaboration with the Ramon Barnils Group of Journalists, wanted to give him a tribute But far from hagiography and nostalgia, we want the journalist’s memory to be a look into the future and, for this reason, after the screening of the documentary, we opened a debate table to talk about the current Catalan political situation. It is a moment that unfortunately he could not live, but for which he fought all his life. This is what Barnils would have wanted and this is how we want to remember him.
In addition to the directors of the documentary, at the round table we had the presence of Laia Altarriba (journalist and author of “‘Vint i Ramon Barnils'”), Ton Barnils (editor of DAU Edicions and Ramon’s son), David Bassa (journalist and president of the Ramon Barnils Group of Journalists), David Fernández (CUP), Montse Majench (Director of the Academy of Cinema and co-author of “La torna de la torna”), Joan Puigcercós (ERC) and other friends, acquaintances and followers of Ramon, with whom we will turn the event into an unforgettable tribute.

Data sheet

Title: Barnils as raja
Script and direction: Albert Lloreta and Laia Soldevila
Production: Laia Soldevila and Laia Altarriba
Image and sound: Talaia Multimedia
Coordination: Joan Vila i Triadú
Language: Catalan
Year: 2013