The singer and guitarist Pedro Burruezo, with the Nur Camerata in trio format, arrives with a proposal that, with roots in music from various origins, takes us from the past to the future on a journey through a dreamlike world steeped in poetry, perfumes and melodies that remind us of Islam and its spiritual, deep and mystical essence. Burruezo, founder of the group “Claustrofobia” in the eighties, accompanied by na Maia Kanaan and Muhammad Yusuf Mayans, offers us a repertoire sung in Catalan, modern and ancient Spanish and classical Arabic, with verses inspired by mystical poets of the Sufi Islamic world such as Ibn Al-Arabi of Murcia, Kabir, Rumi, Al-Ghazali and others. Moorish, medieval, contemporary sounds… always with the same essential spiritual message, uterine, intimate, dreamy, sincere and radically current.

Pedro Burruezo: voice, guitar and percussion
Maia Kanaan: viola and vocals
M. Yusuf Mayans: Oriental lute and voices