The documentary, written and directed by music critic Jordi González Castelló, is a tribute to music and a celebration of its social and cultural value. Music is undoubtedly a legacy that we must take care of. “A music that is capable of entertaining us and lighting a light is something more than simple entertainment”, says Santiago Auseron, “it is opening a door that communicates us with the immemorial past and this thread is what allows to conceive the future with a little hope”. “The forms of entertainment must have this ability to insert themselves deep into everyday life, only then do they acquire their true dimension” “If there is no regenerative leisure, society is not creative and tends to accept submission”
But music and its distribution channels have changed a lot in recent years, and Con la Música a otra parte warns us of how digitization has changed the way we enjoy it. The documentary reflects on the consequences of the new digital model and everything we have lost along the way, as well as the new situation and the current crisis in the “record” sector. With interviews and live performances by Santiago Auserón, Quimi Portet, Chicuelo, Cabo San Roque and Morfi Grey, and the participation of Gay Mercader, Najwa Nimri, Santi Carrillo, Antonio Narváez, Nuria Ghia, and Jordi Castelló, among others.
The documentary, which had not yet been seen either in the cinema or on TV, was a premiere for Documentary Visions. In the subsequent colloquium we had the presence of its director and screenwriter, Jordi González Castelló and some of its participants.

Data sheet

Title: Con la Música a otra parte
Script and direction: Jordi González
Production: Eliana Hoyos and Jordi González
Photography director: Cristian Reyes
Edition: Toti Beach
Language: Spanish
Year: 2014