A portrait of the beginnings of the counterculture in Barcelona, based on an emblematic building, the Fullà House, which was a meeting point for young transgressors and those with breakaway desires.
A block of flats in Guinardó, commissioned in 1967 by Ferran Fullà to two graduates with no experience but full of innovative ideas: Lluís Clotet and Òscar Tusquets, became an emblematic building of alternative culture in Barcelona at the end of the 60s
The building, which breaks with the architectural canons of the moment, attracts unique and unconventional young people. Thus one of the first nuclei of the local counterculture will be born.
The writer Anna Briongos, Víctor Jou (the founder of Zeleste), the filmmaker Francesc Bellmunt, the poet Marta Pessarrodona, Pau Maragall, the cartoonist Vallés, the art critic Victòria Combalia, the editor of STAR Juan Jose Fernàndez and the poet Joan Brossa, from a previous generation, are some of its tenants.
This documentary by Roger Roca tells us the history of the house and its inhabitants.

Data sheet

Title: Building Freedom. A building in the countercultural Barcelona of the 70s
Direction: Roger Roca
Screenplay: Roger Roca
Realization: Roger Roca
Edition: Marc Alberti
Production: Marc Alberti
Year: 2010