One of the main victims of Francoism was childhood. The adults were repressed, but at least they had time to train, while the children had no alternative, the repression for them was absolute. Its story is yet to be made and it must be rescued because only if we recover its memory will it survive. From Documentary Visions we have wanted to show, whenever possible, documentaries about the recovery of historical memory, especially that of those lesser known events. “Darrere la finestra”, it is an exemplary case. In an exercise of historical honesty, which sees both critical and favorable opinions, the documentary narrates, through its protagonists, life in Franco’s juvenile centers and the attempt, ultimately aborted, of two women who they try to reform one, from within the system. A subject that, apart from the excellent Paracuellos series (1976) by cartoonist Carlos Giménez, has practically not been discussed.

Data sheet

Title: Darrere la finestra
Producer: Ricard Mamblona
Screenplay: Ricard Mamblona
Historical Research: Elena Rafóls, Maria Verdú and Neus Garcia
Language: Catalan
Year: 2006