…de toda la vida” is a documentary about the lives of some women who participated in the social revolution during the civil war in Spain. They are survivors of a unique moment in world history. They are as dynamic and alive now as they were in their youth, at the height of the libertarian movement. With their examples they embody the anarchist ideal of self-management, educating themselves, creating new norms of social relations based on equality, collectivizing work centers and organizing the daily life of the rearguard. All are members of the anarcho-syndicalist union CNT, which in July 1936 was the majority representative of the working class in Spain.
…de toda la vida” is a warm encounter with people whose ideas, of a fairer and more humane society, have lasted all their lives.

Data sheet

Title: …of all life
Direction: Lisa Berger, Carol Mazer
Screenplay: Lisa Berger, Carol Mazer
Production: Lisa Berger, Carol Mazer
Year: 1984
Duration: 54 min.