One of the objectives of Documentary Visions, from the beginning, has been to show those works which, despite being very remarkable proposals, have not had enough or even no dissemination. That is why this year we wanted to dedicate one of our passages to showing some of the documentaries that are made every year in the audiovisual schools in our home, as coursework for the students. Some of these documentaries, which are never seen outside the school environment, are splendid, both for their production and for the boldness of the topics they address. From Visions we wanted to show some of them and we selected five out of five schools, both from higher education courses (Santa Eulàlia, La Mercè, EMAV) and university degrees (Audiovisual Communication UB and Blanquerna), they are:

Immersions: Documentary about the profession of human statuary, a profession or a life choice inspired by art? Its protagonists reflect on the fact of showing their art in the middle of the Rambla in Barcelona.

Technical sheet
Technical team: Elisabet P. Venque, Olga Puig, Tina Riera and Marina Cazorla
Year: 2014
Duration: 14 min.

Mar de Fons: Six sailors from Sant Carles de la Ràpita set sail day after day and give themselves body and soul to their profession. Six stories, six lives, one job.

Technical sheet
Director: Ariadna Rodríguez
Production: Javier Rodes
Image and sound: Nacho Amela
Year: 2014
Duration: 16 min.

La Bola: “La bola de cristal”, was a children’s program broadcast on TVE from 1984 to 1988. The program reflected the socio-political change that the political transition entailed and the cultural and musical explosion of the Madrid movement, leaving se of the norm set by the children’s programs of the time and betting on treating children as adults.

Technical sheet
Production: Beatriz Díaz, Núria Durà, Lidia López and Estefanía
Image: Elisabeth Farrés, Joan Gosa and Susana Sánchez
Sound: Fran Ibern, Luís J. Jiménez and Xavi Lizárraga
Year: 2004
Duration: 14 min.

Kontraudiro: Kontraudiro, a documentary that wants to set aside the most widespread stereotypes and conventions of Catalonia and focus on the lesser known aspects. The aim is to provide a contrasting view of the country’s social, ethnic and religious realities.

Technical sheet
School: EMAV
Direction: Erol Ireli
Production direction: Arantxa Fernández
Head of production: Xavi Saborit
Production Assistant: Javi Honorato and Patricia García
Director of photography: Marc Forradellas and Cristina Claramunt
Editing: Marc Forradellas, Marta Davi, Xabier García and Cristina Claramunt
Calibration: Cristina Claramunt
Composition and musical direction: Erol Ireli
Camera operator: Marc Forradellas, Cristina Claramunt, Eva Colomina, Xabier García and Marta Davi
Timelapse technician: Xabier García, Marc Forradellas and Eva Colomina
Graphics: Eva Colomina
Filming assistant: Gemma Pinadell and Sara Martos
Year: 2013
Duration: 24 min.

Trance: An original portrait of the experience of a person who earns his salary in a slaughterhouse, his constant inner struggle makes us reflect on our relationship with animals.

Technical sheet
Direction: Lorena Arroyo Usero
Year: 2015
Duration: 5 min.