This Tuesday, July 4, we closed the 2016-17 season of Visions Documentals and we did so with a luxury documentary: Droga oral, by the director and actress Chus Gutiérrez.
Chus Gutiérrez is one of the most atypical and, in our opinion, most interesting Spanish directors of recent years; with a personal work, risky and always against the current (Oral sex, Insomnio, Ellas son así, Poniente, El Calentito, Retorno a Hansala, Sacromonte, los sabios de la tribu, Ciudad Delirio). With Droga Oral, a work both splendid and unusual, he breaks with one of the most flagrant social taboos of modernity: drugs. The documentary dona sees a group of 60 people who for five days pass in front of the camera to explain bluntly their relationship and experiences with drugs. They are first-hand testimonies of users, including the director herself, who speak without demonizing or glorifying them, and regardless of whether they are supplied in the pharmacy or on the black market. Because if we continue to accept that drugs are a taboo, we generate a lack of information and a disproportionate attraction, and information is a duty we owe to the younger generations.
After the screening, the director intervened via Skype. The historian of drugs Joan Carles Uso, and the psychologist and doctor in pharmacology José Carlos Bouso held a conversation with the public. With this pass, Documentary Visions celebrated the end of the 5th season. If we have managed to get this far programming cultural documentaries on a weekday, which we consider a small success, it has been thanks to you, who have followed us with unwavering fidelity. That is why we wanted to celebrate this milestone with all of you by inviting you to a glass of cava – this legal drug enthroned even on our altars – in the lobby of the cinema.
Thank you all.

Martí Sans

Data sheet

Title: Droga oral
Direction: Chus Gutiérrez
Screenplay: Chus Gutiérrez
Edition: Nacho Ruíz Capillas and Pablo Marchetto
Director of photography: Rafa Roche
Sound: Sergi Baumann and Coque F. L’Hera
Music: Nacho Mastretta
Production: Canal+ Spain, Revolution Films
Year: 2015
Duration: 90 min.