After the splendid “Lone Star, la estrella que marcó el camino”, Marcel Cifré and Raúl Roda go deep into India to show us an NGO, run by a Catalan.
El hogar de las niñas is a residence located in the Nadia region, 300 km from Calcutta, in the state of West Bengal. There, Guzmán Lago tries to give a better future to the girls of one of the oldest tribal ethnic groups in the subcontinent: the Shantal tribe, one of India’s genuine tribal groups, which still lives far from civilization. Due to their status as untouchables, the Shantali girls have no right to almost anything, let alone the education that, against adverse circumstances, is provided by Guzmán Lago.
The documentary, shot entirely in Nadía, goes into the heart of the Shantal tribe to discover the origins of the girls who live in the residence. An emotional story about solidarity, which shows us one of the faces of the unattainable soul of India.
In addition to the presence of the two directors, we contacted via SKYPE the head of the NGO, Guzmán Lago, who responded from India to the viewers’ questions.
It was released in cinemas across the state!

Data sheet

Title: El hogar de las niñas
Screenplay and direction: Raúl Roda and Marcel Cifré
Production: Raúl Roda, Marcel Cifré and Julia Cobo
Director of Photography: Raul Roda
Edition: Ernest Dios and Felipe Ruiz
Year: 2015