The occupation by an assembly of residents of Allariz City Council, in 1989, became a paradigmatic case of popular struggles against arbitrary power. Dead trout found in the Arnoia river, in the Galician town of Allariz, is the trigger of the popular reaction that gathers the social, economic and democratic deficit of the residents of the town and ends with the occupation of the town hall and the town hall confrontation with its mayor. The example of Allariz’s struggle, his demand for social justice and democratic regeneration, becomes a model of transversal, peaceful and democratic struggle, which, both for its forms and for the success obtained, seems very valid today in day, when a clamor for political regeneration runs throughout the state, including the Catalan process itself.

Data sheet

Title: El poble unit, mai més serà oprimit: Allariz 89
Director: Ferran Llagostera
Screenplay: Mar Gil
Executive producer: Ferran Llagostera
Producer: Josep Lorman
Photography-camera: Xavier Camí
Music: Juan M. Pagán
Assembly: Anna Ma. Perez
Duration: 55 minutes