This Tuesday, September 8, we start the 4th season of Documentary Visions. We thank all of you who with your assistance made it possible for us to get there, and also to Cinemes Girona for betting on us and the documentary.
Last season we started with Entre el Cel i la Terra, about the fight to preserve the wetlands of the Empordà and this year we want to do it with Els Límits de la Costa Brava, a reflection and at the same time a denunciation of the degradation of our coastline.
Many of you will have been there during the summer holidays and you know it well enough. Tourism is a characteristic phenomenon of today’s civilization, a phenomenon with great potential to transform the landscape: it produces wealth but at the same time destroys and degrades, becoming a weapon of mass destruction, virulent and irreversible. Tourism breaks traditional relationships by replacing them with purely mercantile ones, following a model of minimal risk and immediate gain, profit is the only objective of a predatory construction, populations lose their profile and there is a tendency towards the urbanization of the territory. Tourism destroys what it seeks.
The Costa Brava has gone from being an idyllic place to degraded. Should we set limits? How far should we grow? are we there on time Growth must have a limit, it cannot be measured by the amount of built-up territory. Development that is not sustainable is not development.

Martí Sans

Data sheet

Title: The Limits of the Costa Brava
Director: Antoni Martí
Production: Video Play Services
Screenplay: Joan Martí
Music: Joan Asin
Language: Catalan
Year: 2003