En el umbral de la conciencia, born out of a trip to Peru in the early nineties for the filming of a documentary about the indigenous problems of the Peruvian Amazon in their contact with civilization, that experience enabled the equip the dam of ayahuasca, a master plant of Amazonian culture. Eight years later, part of the team returned to film a documentary about Peru’s master plants: ayahuasca in the jungle, coca in the mountains and San Pedro, a hallucinogenic cactus, on the coast.
The protagonist was going to be the shaman with whom they had taken ayahuasca the first time. His unexpected death forces them to personally immerse themselves in the shamanic experience. From a succession of magical festivals and indigenous ceremonies, we gradually discover the indigenous cosmogony at its deepest level, as the members of the team go deeper into it.

Data sheet

Title: En el umbral de la conciencia
Script and Direction: Carlos Pastor
Production: Gaia Audiovisuals
Edition: Sergi Dies
Editing: Sergio Sanus
Year: 2013
Duration: 79 min.