Flowers is a character of the underground and the Barcelona night, who tirelessly roams the streets of the city since the first rock concerts were held in our house. His great, and sometimes uncontrolled, fondness for the new cultural and musical movements pushed him to take up – completely self-taught – the photographic camera, with which he already began to earn a living in small jobs at the publishing houses of the city and turn it into a weapon of passionate musical propaganda. Endowed with an absolutely unique personality and owner of an untransferable lexicon and oratory, as well as an inexhaustible energy, his particular idiosyncrasy and his musical passion are embodied in this portrait of Davis Amills and Simon Borràs – who are at the same time followers and night companions for almost 30 years and which reviews not only his career but also some of his most intimate and little-known reflections. The people who have known him thoroughly tell us juicy anecdotes linked to their personal experience. Many define Flowers as the most representative character of the rock scene in this city, protagonist and witness at the same time. Flowers is Pop.

Data sheet

Title: Flowers PopArt
Script and direction: David Amills and Simón Borràs
Production: Eixample Productions
Year: 2012
Duration: 74 min