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On Tuesday, September 6, we started, thanks to your support and that of Cinemes Girona, the 5th season of Documentary Visions and we did it with a documentary that could not be missed in our forum: G3G Records: Poder Mirar als ulls.
In his first work as a director, the Mallorcan Toti García, based on the huge video archive of Habitual Video Team (Josep Ma Jordana and Lis Costa) and with interviews with protagonists of the Barcelona alternative music scene (Gat, Anton Ignorant , Pascal Comelade, Mark Cunningham, Cabo San Roque, etc.) unravels the story of the independent label G3G Records. An alternative label, founded in 1989 by Glòria, Gat and Guille, les 3G, which has become an unquestionable reference in Barcelona’s most underground music scene. The avant-garde, improvisation, experimentation and the most daring and innovative proposals have converged both in the G3G record catalog and in the concerts that they organized every Tuesday, first at Communiqué, in the Hostafrancs neighborhood, and then at Sidecar from Plaça Real. For more than 25 years, Miguel Poveda, Pau Riba, Pascal Comelade, Mark Cunningham, Cabo San Roque, Enric Casassas, Raeo, Macromasa, Lydia Lunch, Alfonso Villalonga and Accidents Polipoéticos, among many others, have performed for audiences very loyal, almost militant, in concerts, unusual in the Barcelona musical scene, which sought complicity and proximity with the audience, to be able to look in the eyes – as Gat defines it.
G3G Records: Poder mirar als ulls was selected by the Barcelona IN-ÈDIT International Music Documentary Film Festival in 2015. It could not be seen in the cinema or on TV and Visions Documentals, had the privilege of premiering it. In the subsequent colloquium, in addition to the director and other members of the team, we had the presence of some of the protagonists of the documentary such as Glòria Basté, Guille i Gat Castaño, and Josep Ma Jordana, among others.

Martí Sans

Data sheet

Title: G3G Records: Poder Mirar els ulls
Screenplay: Toti García, Clara Rodríguez and Nessim Castaño
Direction: Toti García
Production: Espaitemps Comunicació S.L.
Chamber: Clara Rodríguez, Toni Garcia and Nessim Castaño
Edition: Jaume Carlos
Year: 2015
Duration: 86′