The other son

Lorraine Levy (2012)
About to enlist in the Israeli army for military service, Joseph finds out that he is not his parents’ biological son.

The Kingdom of Mister Edhiaka

Amélie Sailez (2011)
A look at the status of women in Pakistan through the struggle of an unusual couple: Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife Bilquis Edhi.

El plor de la gasela

Maritza García i Marius Wehrull (2014)
The Mexican documentary filmmaker delved into the Pakistani community in Barcelona to learn about the lives of three immigrants from the Punjab.

A road to Meca. The journey of Muhammad Asad

George Misch (2010)
In the early 1920s, Austrian Leopold Weiss leaves behind his Jewish roots and converts to Islam.

El largo viaje

Ismaél Farroukhi (2007)
It tells the journey of a father and his son from the south of France to Mecca.

Ibn ‘Arabi, el esplandor de Al-Andalus

Miguel Valls (2011)
The episode is about the life and work of Ibn ‘Arabi, the Muslim sage from Andalusian Murcia.

Marta Millà & Nur Ensemble

The great actress Marta Millà, well known for her character in “Venddelplà”, recites the great poets of Islamic Sufism.