Jordi Torrent began his audiovisual career in the field of video in Barcelona in the early 80s. Then he left for New York, where from his production company Duende Pictures he has produced several documentaries and TV programs and directed two feature films, the the last of which, La Redempció dels Peixos, could be seen last December at Cinemes Girona. On this occasion we present his latest work, premiering throughout the state, the documentary Invisible Heroes: Afro-Americans in the Spanish Civil War, co-directed with the journalist, documentarian and writer Alfonso Domingo and produced by the same directors and the photographer Mireia felt
The invisible heroes of this story are the 85 African-American volunteers who were members of the Lincoln Brigade, made up of 2,800 Americans, who came to defend the Spanish Republic in 1936. The feat of the Lincoln Brigade is well known, but not that of its African-American members who came to Spain to fight and fight against racism and for civil rights that were denied to them in their own country. This is their story, an unpublished page both in the United States and in Spain: The plight of heroes who went to a distant war to fight for freedom and human rights, and who, thanks to this documentary, have ceasing to be invisible.
Based on interviews with African-American veteran Brigadier James Yates, among others, the documentary features Spanish and American historians and experts, and includes never-before-seen archival footage and filming on historic locations in Mississippi, Chicago , New York, Madrid, Valencia, Aragon, Catalonia and the Pyrenees.
We had the presence of Jordi Torrent and Mireia Sentís who made the presentation and later, they held a discussion with the audience.

Data sheet

Title: Invisible Heroes: Afro-Americans in the Spanish Civil War
Direction and screenplay: Alfonso Domingo and Jordi Torrent
Production: Alfonso Domingo, Jordi Torrent and Mireia Sentís
Image and sound: Jordi Torrent, Óscar Villasante and Juan Gamero
Editing and post production: Juan Verdeal and Hernán Valle
Year: 2015