Francesc Llobet is a producer-director on the staff of TV3, where he has been for 30 years and from where he has made most of his work.
The documentary we present talks about body language, or more precisely non-verbal communication, which according to experts makes up 80% of human communication. Based on the experience of several specialists in semiotics, psychology, plastic arts, gestalt, music, theater… it shows the importance of the senses, emotions and the unconscious as elements of communication to be taken into account when ‘educate, acquire knowledge or relate.
Courtesy of the author, the DVD-book, published by TV3: La cultura del cos.

Data sheet

Title: La cultura del cos: el futur de Prometeu i Durga
Director: Francesc Llobet
Screenplay: Anna Alsina
Production: Rosa Bosch, Linus Puchel, Ana Macías and Toni Quer.
Year: 2005
Duration: 65 min.