In the heart of the Amazon jungle live the Zo’è Indians, a tribe without hierarchies, without chiefs or shamans, where monogamy coexists with polygamy and polyandry and decisions are made
collectively The Zo’è, with their prehistoric culture, become the living memory of our origin, but their secular isolation is coming to an end, and with it their way of life. A documentary about an unusual reality.
The Zo’è, unknown until the dawn of this century, were contacted by government officials when conditions threatened their survival as an ethnic group. The specificities of this admirable people are many, such as the fact that the women can regulate their menstruation at will thanks to some herbs that they themselves collect in the jungle, and which are secret, even by the men of the tribe . They are also a sign of how contact begins to transform these collectivities, because nothing and no one can prevent them from evolving towards more socially and culturally polluted models of life, until they cease to be the expression of human life in its virgin state who they were when contacted.

Data sheet

Title: The memory of the matter
Director: Albert Abril
Editing: Aimon Ninyerola
Production: Films de l’orient & Alins Studio
Duration: 50 min.
Year: 2013