The documentary takes us into the history of the musical group Lone Star from the perspective of the recently created Lone Star Revisited, a band made up of some of the original musicians of the legendary rock band that in the 60s and 70s marked the way many of the later rockers.
Created at the end of the 50’s by Pere Gené, Lone Star introduced the American and English music of the moment to our home by covering a lot of songs and composing their own songs such as the successful “Mi calle” and “Adelante”.
The current band continues with the historic Sebastià Sospedra and Jerónimo Martínez, who explain how the group began and what they want to do now.
Lone Star, la estrella que marcó el camino explains through the people who lived it what it represented to make this kind of music in full Francoism, in a society closed to what happened beyond its borders.
With sound and visual documents representative of the time and the testimony of musicians such as Loquillo, Miguel Ríos, Teddy Bautista, the producer Gay Mercader, the journalist Miquel Àngel Casas, the biographer of the group, Ezequiel Moreno, or former members of Lone Star as Joan Miró and Enrique López, the life and musical career of a group that many consider has not been done justice is traced.
In the presentation and subsequent discussion, in addition to the presence of director Marcel Cifré, we had two of the group’s historic members: Sebastià Sospedra and Jerónimo Martínez.

Data sheet

Title: Lone Star, la estrella que marcó el camino
Producer: Marcel Cifré and Raúl Roda
Screenplay: Marcel Cifré and Raúl Roda
Production director: Julia Cobo
Director of photography: Raúl Roda
Year: 2013