L’Operació Garzón contra l’independentisme català is a documentary that sheds light on a fact that has been tried to be silenced, disguised and even hidden, such as Operation Garzón and the repressive raid that Catalan independence suffered in 1992 with the excuse of the celebration of the Olympic Games in Barcelona.
This 2012, Llibertat.cat, with the support of Memoria contra la Tortura and Alerta Solidària, has decided to launch this documentary, financed entirely through micro patronage, which reviews the chronology of the events of what that politico-judicial macro-operation meant with personal stories and relatives who narrate the drama of not knowing anything about the detainees for five days, under the protection of the Anti-Terrorism Law; the entrance, gun in hand, of the police into the media, and the censorship suffered by several journalists.
A work that also recalls the avalanche of signs of support that were received by large sectors of the population and the rejection of the operation, as well as the continuous judicial irregularities that existed throughout the entire process and the slap of the judgment of Strasbourg against the Kingdom of Spain. All in all, a realization that that repressive operation did not succeed in bending the political principles of the majority of the arrested independence supporters, despite the terror and special measures used against the Independence Left.
We owe it to those independentists that now, 20 years later, the struggle for which they were arrested, tortured and imprisoned continues more alive than ever through a solid, modern and majority project among wide sectors of the country and with a remarkable expansion , also, of his political proposals, such as the construction of Popular Unity and the fight for independence and socialism. Without them, the new generations of pro-independence militancy would be without references and this country would not have taken the steps it is taking to achieve its full freedom.

Data sheet

Title: L’Operació Garzón contra l’independentisme català
Direction and script: Eduard Miguel
Edition: Sergi Guix and Eduard Miguel
Executive production: Sergi Sala
Production: Llibertat.cat
Realization: Zeba Productions
Cameras: Sergi Guix and Judit Sala
Year: 2012
Duration: 50 minutes