An anarchist from Navarre exiled in France who discusses strategies with Ché and helps the Black Panthers, manages to put the most powerful bank on the planet against the ropes with the massive forgery of traveler’s checks, and all without missing a single day of his bricklaying work. Nominated for the Goya Award for best documentary, Lucio tells the fascinating story of Lucio Urtubia, a boy from Cascante (Navarre) who goes into exile in France when he is doing his military service and who, once in Paris, becomes an anarchist and self-taught the technique forgery of documents, money, etc. In the mid-1970s, his forgery of traveler’s checks is the best ever and forces the first bank in the United States to meet with him and reluctantly agree to buy the plates. Two young directors from Navarre direct this documentary about which the press has said: “Imprescindible” (TVE), “Realizado como su fuera un thriller” (El País), “Apabullante” (El Correo), “Brillantísimo, una joya” (Diario Vasco), “Lleno de action” (Gara), “Humor y inteligenia” (Noticias de Guipúzcoa), etc.
Directors Aitor Arregi and José Mari Goenaga are also co-writers and co-directors, in Goenaga’s case, of Loreak, the film selected to represent Spain at this year’s Oscars (the first in Basque to compete at the Oscars).
After the screening, we were lucky enough to have the priceless presence of Lucio Urtubia, who later held a conversation with the audience.

Data sheet

Title: Lucio
Script and direction: Aitor Arregi and Jose Mari Goenaga
Production: Xabier Berzosa
Director of Photography: Javi Agirre
Edition: Raúl López
Music: Pascal Gaigne
Year: 2007