On Tuesday, July 1, Visions Documentals celebrated the end of its second season and did so with a documentary about an exceptional character, Albert Casals.
Albert’s life has not been easy at all. At the age of five he suffered from leukemia which placed him at the door of death. The very strong chemotherapy sessions saved his life, but he lost the sensation in his legs and has been in a wheelchair ever since. Despite these difficulties, or precisely because of them, Albert still lives with surprising optimism. An optimism and a will that make his dream possible: to travel around the world without money, without company and without luggage.
Món petit, shows its most ambitious challenge: to reach exactly the farthest point on the planet. By mixing self-filming techniques with the traditional methods of the documentary genre, we will get to know who this boy is, his love story, his philosophy of life and his parents’ way of educating. We will see how Albert and his girlfriend Anna go from Barcelona to a remote lighthouse in New Zealand. Or how they fail in the attempt. The route can be considered madness, romance or epic. Or maybe a little of each.
A truly exceptional testimony about the triumph of will and courage in the face of life’s adversities.
After the screening and as a closing of the season, we served a glass of cava and a pica-pica, courtesy of Catering Hepburn.
Documentary Visions would like to thank everyone who supported us with your assistance, without you this initiative would not have been possible. Next September 2 we will start the third season with new documentaries and once again, we want to thank you for having enjoyed your company.
On behalf of the ST3 space and my own: Thank you!

Martí Sans

Data sheet

Title: Món petit
Direction: Marcel Barrena
Production: Víctor Coreal, Adrià Cuatresases and Oriol Maymo
Screenplay: Marcel Barrena, Víctor Coreal and Adrià Cuatrecases
Photography: Albert Serradó and Víctor Torija
Editing: Marcel Barrena, Domi Parra, Luís Rico and Víctor Torija
Music: Pau Vallvé, Cannonball Sound and Nous Ulls
Year: 2013