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Some of our video productions

  • Transnatur

    Report on corporate TransNatur group.

  • El bosc inundat

    An expedition of the Museum of Science is introduced in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

  • Radios Libres

    Documentary about the situation of free radio in Spain.

  • Tu ets la peça que ens CAL

    Spot for the NGO CAL (Coordinadora d’Associacions de la Llengua Catalana).

  • Estat Català

    Spot for the Estat Català election campaign for 1999 general elections.

  • La Ciutat Foradada

    Documentary about citizen resistance to the bombing and the network of shelters in Barcelona during the Civil War.

  • E.N.D. Esto No Danza

    Show dancer and choreographer Sol Picó which combines dance with opera and video.

  • On Your Own

    Video Clip of the British group Blur recorded in Barcelona.

  • Autorretrat

    Animation of the painter’s work Mitus Aurell.

  • Rebecca Horn

    Documentary for the Fundació Espai Poble Nou.

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