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The Kibbutz Generation

The Kibbutz was a unit of agricultural development stablished on the most unproductive wasteland areas, on the old British Colony of Ottoman, Syria in Palestine. It was started by people that arrived at the Israel State looking for a new way to live in community.

On the frame of the profound ignorance of the kibbutz phenomenon, this documentary wants to compensate the lack of information about the issue because it often generates an unrealistic view.

The Sixties were the years of the quest of the socialist dream. To escape from the grey reality of dictatorships, young people used to meet in small communities to experiment different ways of coexistence, sexual interaction, and experimentation of substances: a new paradigm, the essence of May 68.

Youngsters from all over the world went to the kibbutz to live their voyage of discovery, searching for a community model ideal, fashionable those days, really looking for experimenting the real socialism.

Many of these people, some Catalan among them, found very interesting to discover, as they wished for their own country, a recently formed independent state.

Some Jewish Catalan were sent by their families to learn about the modern and traditional Israel and get familiar with their ancestor’s lives.

The tale of the pilgrimage of these young Catalan travellers to the Middle East, not an easy trip back then, their motivation and experience is detailed in this 52-minute documentary film: THE KIBBUTZ GENERATION.

Trailer Generaciò Kibbutz (estéreo) from Altervideo SL on Vimeo.


ROSER LLUCH, translator
CARME SOLER, physical education teacher
JOSEP PARIS, ex president of Segarra Garrigues Channel
MIQUEL SELLARES, politician, journalist
ISAAC LEVY, economist
JAUME BARBERA, journalist
IMMA PUIG ANTICH, children education teacher
EULALIA SARIOLA, translator and illustrator
LAURA MANAUT JORDA, North Catalonia Children School teacher
JOSEP M. RENIE, ex member of the Catalan Popular Army

The Experts

JOAN B. CULLA, writer
XAVIER TORRENTS, politic scientist

Data sheet (technical file)

Title: The Kibbutz Generation
Direction and screenwriting: Albert Abril
Executive production: Martí Sans
Direction of Photography: Tony Martí
Edition: Aimon Ninyerola, Marcel Cifré
Sound: Guim Cifré
Music: John Zorn
Documentation: Pep Masias
Production: Altervideo
Year: 2019
Duration: 52 minutes.

© Altervideo 2009 - - Made by Xenoid

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