Oriol Pons de Vall Ginger and Enric Cervera present the book-disc GINGER.
Collaborators, together with Oriol Perucho, in the formation of groups such as Perucho’s, Tropopausa, Al Kufah, Les Anciens and other manifestations of avant-garde music in Barcelona between the 70s and today.
This book-disc, a limited edition of 200 copies, contains two CDs, in fact two parts with the titles “Persona” and “Mundana”, 34 illustrations and 32 poems that reflect the last proposal of these two creators.
Based on the themes and poems contributed by Oriol, Enric builds a sound and graphic story, which takes us through the trends that both have been going through in recent years.
Oriol Pons de Vall Ginger tells us: “It is at night, when most of these musics and writings have come to life, tamed by the work of Enric, who was the instigator and has been responsible for this work that now we presented
Without him, his choice, his illustrations and his judgment, nothing would have been the same.”