Jaume Sans, the artist who didn’t want to be?

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Francesc Boix

Show that brings the experiences of young people from the fronts of the Spanish Civil War closer to the public through the photographs of Francesc Boix.

Kibbutz Generation

Dozens, perhaps hundreds of young Catalans in the fifties and sixties of the 20th century, chose to live the socialist adventure of the Kibbutz, in an Israel that had recently been established as a state.

Tribute concert to Perucho

The documentary covers the tribute concert to Oriol Perucho that was held in Sala Apolo on November 6, 2017, it is a unique and difficult to repeat occasion to see all the musicians, who have not left us, come to the stage, the alternative music scene of the 70s.

Oriol Perucho in memoriam

This documentary reviews the artistic career of Oriol Perucho through fragments of concerts, essays and interviews.

The Stigma?

Documentary that investigates and proposes a reflection on the genesis and survival here and now of anti-Jewish prejudices.

Ignasi Blanch, Parlo d’amor

Documentary about Ignasi Blanch’s participation in the Berlin Wall.

The Flooded Forest

An expedition from the Science Museum enters the Brazilian Amazon jungle.

La Ciutat Foradada

Documentary about the public resistance to the bombings and the network of shelters in Barcelona during the Civil War.

El viatge

The General Directorate of Juvenile Justice of the Department of Justice promotes a video workshop in which a group of 15 young people who are or have been under judicial measures participate for more than a year.