The kibbutz was an agricultural development unit that the newcomer to the state of Israel installed in the most vacant and unproductive areas of the territory of the former British colony of Ottoman Syria, the British Protectorate of Palestine.
Within the framework of a profound ignorance of the phenomenon of the kibbutz, this documentary seeks to compensate for the existing misinformation on the subject, misinformation that is usually replaced by bondist clichés that often do not conform to reality.
In the 1960s, there were years of unrest before the communitarian and socialist dream. In order to escape from the gray darkness of the dictatorship, young people used to meet in communal areas to experiment with models of coexistence, sexual relativism or the consumption and experimentation of substances: the new paradigm, the essence of may 68.
Young people from all over the world went to the Israeli kibbutz to live their initiation adventure in search of a new communal model, so fashionable at that time and to live an experience of real socialism.
Others, like many Catalans, were reflected in the encounter with a recently constituted independent state, like the one they wanted for their own country.
Lastly, others were young Catalan Jews, whom their families sent to meet and become familiar with modern and traditional Israel, to be in contact with the life customs of their ancestors.
Some of these Catalans who undertook a journey in the Middle East when they were young (which at the time was not easy at all) explain their motivations and their lived experience in the interviews that the documentary Kibbutz Generation will present over the course of 52 minutes.


ROSER LLUCH translator
CARME SOLER physical education teacher
JOSEP PARÍS former president of the Segarra-Garrigues Channel
MIQUEL SELLARÈS politician and journalist
ISAAC LEVY economist
JAUME BARBERÀ journalist
IMMA PUIG ANTIC nursery school educator
EULÀLIA SARIOLA translator and illustrator
LAURA MANAUT JORDÀ Catalunya Nord kindergarten teacher
JOSEP M. RENYÉ former Catalan Popular Army

Data sheet

Title: Kibbutz Generation
Direction: Albert Abril
Screenplay: Albert Abril
Production: Altervideo
Executive Producer: Martí Sans
Director of Photography: Toni Martí
Edition: Aimon Ninyerola, Mercel Cifré
Sound: Guim Cifré
Music: John Zorn
Documentation: Pep Masias
Year: 2019
Duration: 52 min