The documentary covers the Oriol Perucho tribute concert that took place at Sala Apolo on November 6, 2017.
Perucho, who had died a year ago, was one of the key figures of the musical avant-garde in our country. Even in his death he was committed to innovation and experimentation. Since in 1969 he created the legendary band Perucho’s, which, together with Baf, introduced Free jazz in our home, he never stopped playing the drums, composing and improvising, always rejecting the easy ways and looking for new ones to explore He went through several bands, some cult for the most avant-garde music scene, such as Tropopausa, Koniec, Moisès, Moisès, Pascal Comelade’s Bel Canto Orchestra, Les Anciens, Esquers Enric, Mil Pesetes, etc. In addition, he recorded three solo albums: “Va insultar, van el multar i vá stopa mêmara” (1992) “Zaping CD” (1994) and “Així passan 45 minuts” (1998) in which he collaborated with a large number of musician friends and where he embodied his most personal universe.
The concert was an emotional tribute to this singular musician. For an hour and a half Perucho’s friends and musical colleagues paraded around the Apolo stage, performing his music. The weight of the concert fell on the band, formed for the occasion, Escamot Voll-Inga (Eduard Altaba, Enric Cervera, Saki Guillem, Nèstor Munt, Jordi Nico, Pep Pasqual, Oriol Pons de Vall Ginger, Quico Samsó, Ramon Solé, Martí Soler, Rafael Saragossa “Zarita”), but also legendary formations like: Moisès, Moisès (Jordi Golmayo, Pep Pasqual, David Soler), Bel Canto Orchestra (Roger Atrofe, Enric Casassas, Pascal Comelade, Gat, Pierre Bastien, Oriol Luna, Pep Pascual) and the singers Pau Riba and Anna Subirana, and also current formations that follow the experimental currents started in the early 70s: BEC (Pierre Bastien, Joan Crek, Eli Gras), Cap San Roque (Roger Aixut, Oriol Luna, Pepe Segui, Laia Torrent), Mil Cógots (Roger Atrofe, Hara Kraan, Oriol Luna, Panotxa), and dancer Sònia Sánchez.
A unique and hard-to-repeat occasion to see 29 musicians from the alternative music scene that started in the 70s on stage.
After the documentary, a reduced version of Escamot Voll-Inga, formed by Eduard Altaba (electric bass), Saki Guillem (keyboards and vocals), Nèstor Munt (trumpet), Jordi Nico (soprano sax), Quico Samsó (drums) and Oriol Pons de Vall “Ginger” (voice) will close the evening, performing some of the pieces from the concert.

Data sheet

Title: Tribute concert to Oriol Perucho
Direction: Josep M. Jordana and Martí Sans
Production: Altervideo and Habitual Video Team
Camera: Lis Costa and Josep M. Jordana
Edition: Josep M. Jordana
Year: 2018
Duration: 78′