María de los Reyes Castillo Bueno “Reyita”, is a black woman, poor, mother of eight children and victim, from a very young age, of racial discrimination for being the only black daughter in a mulatto family. “Reyita” is forced to earn a living by ironing and washing to support her family alone, but by rebelling against a fate imposed by the time in which she lived and fighting small daily battles, she manages to change , not only her home, but the world around her, helping other women – many of them prostitutes – to take care of their children and sharing the ideals of their guerrilla sons. In “Reyita” we discover a story that is common to many other women who have remained invisible in the eyes of history. A story that would have gone unnoticed even by his own family if his daughter Daisy had not rescued him in a book. Oliva Acosta and Elena Ortega, based on the book, build an emotional documentary that through family memory – a network of affections, forgetfulness and contradictions – reflects their dreams, their frustrations and their achievements, at the same time which becomes a personal testimony and of an era, and also a meaningful tribute. In “Reyita” we witness the intimate biography of an anonymous heroine that is also a portrait of daily life in post-revolutionary Cuba, a world that today has probably begun to disappear or at least to undergo profound transformations.
In the debate following the documentary, which was premiered throughout the state, both in cinema and on TV, we will have the presence of the producers, Ferran Llagostera and Montserrat Bou, who took care of the Catalan and Cuban part of the movie

Data sheet

Title: Reyita
Direction: Oliva Acosta and Elena Ortega
Screenplay: Oliva Acosta, Elena Ortega and Rocío Santillana
Production: Montserrat Bou
Director of photography: Xavier Camí
Edition: José Negrete and Ana Mª Pérez
Music: José Negrete, Miguel Angel Chimeno and Fèlix Rodríguez
Year: 2006
Duration: 55′