Robert Llimós is one of the most prominent visual artists of recent years. Linked to the avant-gardes that emerged in our country at the end of the 60s, he was one of the Catalan artists who settled in New York’s SoHo at the beginning of the 70s, as we could see in the documentary last April: ” The Karamazoff”. He has received several awards, including the National Fine Arts Award of the Generalitat.
At the age of 65, Llimós has an unusual experience: while drawing on the beach in Fortaleza, Brazil, he sees a UFO in the fog. For two and a half hours he visits the ship, he does not know whether physically or telepathically. As a result of this extraordinary meeting and also the painful experience of the sudden death of his only son, his life changes radically and, as it could not be otherwise, so does his work. He paints what he has seen and the consequence is the marginalization and rejection of both the art market and the cultural world. It is not unusual to hear stories of this kind of experience, but if it comes from an artist like Llimós, with a solid track record. He knows what is at stake, the deep loneliness to which he is immersed, but despite this he continues to paint what has deeply marked him, being true to himself, despite the success or failure that this means.
At the premiere of his documentary “UFOs in the neighborhood” José Antonio Espinosa meets Robert Llimós and together they decide to embark on this modest and at the same time fantastic documentary which, needless to say, has been rejected by all television stations. Too often cultural orthodoxy, and more so in a country as small as ours, is granted the right to reject anyone who dares to take their feet off the plate, saying things that do not belong to them. For this reason, faithful to the motto of showing what has little visibility, we presented this work which, subsequently, generated a stimulating debate both with its director and screenwriter, José Antonio López Espinosa, and, especially, with its protagonist, Robert Llimós, who accompanied us in the presentation and the subsequent colloquium.

Data sheet

Title: Robert Llimós. Art i ovnis
Script and direction: José Antonio López Espinosa
Production: JJ Sheridan Productions
Chamber and edition: José Antonio López Espinosa
Music: José Luis Martínez
Year: 2016
Duration: 74′