Online course of 24 lessons promoted by the Faculty of Theology of Catalonia where theologians and scientists debate the concordances and discordances of faith and science. With the participation of Armand Puig, Jorge Wagensberg, Gennaro Auletta and David Jou, among others.

Science and Faith Course 1 Agenda

Galileo Galilei and the dialogue Science and faith.
Was the world made in 7 days or 14 billion years? Genesis 1, 2 and 3 up for debate.
Fides et ratio.
Investigating an amazing cosmos. The richness of reality.
How does science know reality? The cientific method.
Is theology an access to reality or pure mythology? Theology and truth.
A not always easy dialogue: the Theology-Science relationship throughout history.
How has the cosmological evolution of our universe been? Cosmic Evolution.
Jesus Christ, does it have anything to do with cosmic evolution?
A dialogue with science that enriches theology, the new concept of “evolutionary Creation”

Science and Faith Course 2 Agenda

Creation as Liber Naturae: creation and revelation
Theories on hominid evolution
Did God intervene in the creation of the first man? And in the creation of each man?
The origin of human life.
Manufacture life? Cloning and stem cells.
In an evolving universe, can we say that man has been created in the image and likeness of God? An evolutionary hominid.
Can I expect a miracle in my life? (Theology of miracles)
The Church and Darwinism
Man and brain.
What does it mean to rise from the dead? (The resurrection)
The end of our universe according to Science (The death of the cosmos)
The end of the universe according to theology. (The resurrection of the cosmos)

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Directed and produced by: Martí Sans
Script: Emili Marles i Martí Sans