Se fa saber, it takes us into the daily life of Santa Bárbara, a small town in the Ebro Delta. A traditional and emotional portrait of the author’s personal search for her origins, narrated in a visual style that brings it together with the references of the classic documentary.
“During the pre-production of this documentary, interviewing people from the village, I understood that I, as an individual of the society to which I belong, needed to have memories that were full of values. The atmosphere of Santa Barbara allowed me to reflect in front of a mirror. There, my memory, encapsulated in a world where the past is evoked through an outdated style that distorts it; it came off. I realized that the contemporary lifestyle encodes my perception of the past, occupying my present and shaping my expectations for the future. I think that the individual in our society, the consumer society, is unable to see beyond the facades of the style market, which is why it is necessary for us to recover our memory. This memory will bring back the most archaic impulses and revalue antiquity, filling the things around us with meaning.
Se fa saber, it aims to be a reflection of the past and an observation of the present.”

Data sheet

Title: Se fa saber
Producer: Zoraida Roselló Espuny
Photography and sound: Zoraida Roselló
Sound post-production: Juan José Espino
Editing and screenplay: Cristian Rodríguez and Zoraida Roselló
Year: 2012-2013