With this step we reached the end of the fourth season of Documentary Visions and once again we want to thank you for your support and loyalty. Thanks to you, the project is still standing and next season we will continue with the programming, incorporating some new features that we will be discovering.
We close this season with a luxury documentary: Septiembres, by Carles Bosch. Carles Bosch is a reference in audiovisual journalism in our country, his work has covered the main conflicts of the last 30 years. In 2004, Carles jumped onto the big screen with the documentary Balseros, which became a resounding success. Nominated for the Oscars that year, he won numerous awards and was invited to present it around the world. After the success of Balseros, it will be three years before he finds a story that really motivates him. “Septiembres – he says – is not the result of the desperate search for a second film, but the reunion with this magical click, this inner thing that tells you that this path is indeed worth traveling, that there is no longer doubts”. The documentary tells the emotional story of the finalists of the competition that Madrid’s Soto del Real prison organizes every September among various inmates from the surrounding prisons, to choose the best singer of the year. Among the participants, some had been professionals before entering prison, but most are amateurs. On stage, in the prison’s auditorium, they perform songs in different styles, but always with lyrics that talk about love. “I don’t think – says Carles – that there are many fictional films in which love is not addressed – as a main or secondary plot. But are there many documentaries whose central axis is love? I mean the love of kisses on the mouth, the love of justified or ridiculous jealousy, but also the love of real children or imaginary girlfriends. No, there are no documentaries about love. That’s what really encouraged me to get into this mess. For me, this film has been a superior experience – in the good and in the bad, in the easy and in the complicated – than that of Balseros. Because my experience of many years as a reporter certainly helped me with Balseros, where events typical of the reporting epic took place. But now, the epic was no longer dotted with obstacles external to the human being, but rather came from the very inner sphere of the characters, from their most intimate world, from some mysterious place: the heart, the stomach…? “
In the subsequent colloquium, in addition to the director and the producer, Tono Folguera, we will have the presence of two of the protagonists of the documentary, which Carles Bosch wants to be a surprise and has asked us not to reveal.

Data sheet

Title: Septiembres
Screenplay and direction: Carles Bosch
Production: Carles Bosch, Tono Folguera and Loris Omedes
Director of photography: David Fernandez Miralles and Walter Ojeda
Edition: Ernest Blasi and Ana Rubio
Year: 2007
Duration: 89′