Documentary cinema continues to be a genre on the rise. The 2013 DOCS Barcelona festival recorded a 40% increase in spectators and recent successes such as Searching for Sugar Man prove this.
It seems that the most innovative and successful propositions of fictional cinema occur around television series, while the documentary takes hold in cinemas, and shows a growing vitality.
From Visions Documentals we wanted to continue showing you the work of our home documentary filmmakers, and we did so by claiming the format of the cinema forum: participation, reflection and debate.
Thank you for your loyalty to all of you who have followed us this far, encouraging us to continue with the project, and we promise a season full of interesting proposals and some surprises.
Sinaia, más allá del océano is the story of the first trip to Mexican exile after the Spanish Civil War told by its protagonists. Joan Lopez Lloret, who we were able to see in last season’s Sunday at 5, tells us the story through a well-plotted narrative, as is usual with this experienced and prolific documentary filmmaker.
At the request of some of you, this 2nd season we delayed the screening time: the presentation of the film was at 20:00 and the start of the screening at 20:15.
Thank you for your support!

Martí Sans

Data sheet

Title: Sinaia, más allá del océano
Director: Joan López Lloret
Screenplay: Joan López Lloret
Photography: Joan López Lloret
Music: Marçal Cervera
Production: Batabat Produccions, La Maroma Produccions, Onze TV Mexico, Televisió de Galicia (TVG). Distributor: Galicia Television (TVG)
Year: 2012
Duration: 76 min.