Amanda Sans alternates between directing documentaries and writing scripts, both for independent productions and for TV. In 2007, while working on a program for Telecinco, he travels to Jamaica and discovers through the producer Fernando García Guereta, that in the most important prison in Jamaica, in Kingston, a rehabilitation program is being carried out through reggae music , and they decide to make a documentary about it. After a long struggle to obtain the permits, in 2011, he started the documentary for which he wrote the script and co-directed it with Miquel Galofré, who was also the director of photography.
In 2013, it premiered at various festivals around the world, collecting 9 international awards, some as prestigious as the one for best music documentary at the Krakow Film Festival. Documentary Visions had the privilege of premiering it exclusively throughout Spain.
A formally flawless documentary, with a story and music that grab you from the beginning.
With the presence of Amanda Sans both in the presentation and in the subsequent colloquium

Data sheet

Title: Songs of Redemption
Genre: Musical documentary
Director: Amanda Sans and Miquel Galofré
Screenplay: Amanda Sans
Production: Nando García Guereta, Nice Time Productions Limited
Director of photography: Miquel Galofré
Language: English with Spanish subtitles
Duration: 78 min.
Year: 2013