An unprecedented portrait of the peace process in Northern Ireland, through the testimonies of two of the released ex-prisoners: IRA leader Séanna Walsh and UDA leader Billy McQuiston.
14 years ago in Northern Ireland, the historic agreement was signed that ended 30 years of war with a legacy of 3000 dead. Since then, the Good Friday Agreement has suffered many ups and downs, many stops and starts, and has almost been suspended longer than in operation. The only point of the Agreement that was applied with the planned schedule was the release of prisoners for armed struggle who supported the pact, they were the first to talk about peace. From 1998 to 2000, almost 500 prisoners convicted of terrorism were released. Two of them, the ex-leader of the IRA Séanna Walsh and the ex-leader of the UDA, Billy McQuiston, with decades of presidency behind them, star in an unprecedented portrait of the conflict and the peace process, from their experiences in the prison. His view is complemented by the contributions of family members, colleagues, prison officials, etc.

Data sheet

Title: Sunday at Five
Direction and image: Joan Lopez Lloret
Screenplay: Marc Roma and Oriol Cortacans
Editing: Lynn Poh
Music: Red Clover
Production: BataBat / TVC / EUSKAL TELEBISTA / Tobar Produccions / TG4 (Ireland)
Year: 2007
Duration: 57 min