Barcelona era una festa (Underground. 1970-1980)

Morrosko Vila-San-Juan (2011)
In the seventies, the city saw the birth – and death – of an active and activist counterculture in the midst of a party that seemed to have no end.

Un dia de glòria

Antonio Cortés y Jordi Homs (2011)
Femarec is a company dedicated to the treatment and collection of recycling material where 90% of the workers are mentally disabled and people with mental disorders.

Morir de dia

Laia Manresa i Sergi Dies (2010)
When talking about the Catalan counterculture of the late 70s and early 80s, there is a blank space that few feel ready to fill: that of the arrival of heroin in Spain.

L’Operació Garzón contra l’independentisme català

Eduard Miguel (2012)
A documentary that sheds light on a fact that has been tried to be silenced, disguised and even hidden.

El Papus, anatomia d’un atemptat

David Fernández de Castro (2012)
A documentary that relives the attack claimed by ‘La Triple A’ against the satirical magazine ‘El Papus’ and the subsequent judicial process.

Construint Llibertat. Un edifici a la Barcelona contracultural dels 70

Roger Roca (2010)
The portrait of the Barcelona counterculture of the 70s.


Andrés Antebi, José Gonzales Morandi, Pablo González i Eva Serrats (2008)
The Pakistani government bans Basant, the festival of kites.


Montse Pujantell (2010)
Documentary that raises a reflection on gender identity.

Sunday at Five

Joan Lopez Lloret (2007)
An unprecedented portrait of the peace process in Northern Ireland, through the testimonies of two of the released ex-prisoners: IRA leader Séanna Walsh and UDA leader Billy McQuiston.

Jaume Plensa

Pedro Ballesteros (2009)
Jaume Plensa, internationally recognized for his commitment to art in public spaces and one of the greatest exponents of the current sculpture scene.

Flowers PopArt

David Amills i Simón Borràs (2012)
Flowers is a character of the underground and the Barcelona night, who tirelessly roams the streets of the city since the first rock concerts were held in our house.