Món petit

Marcel Barrena (2013)
Albert’s life has not been easy at all. At the age of five he suffered from leukemia which placed him at the door of death.

La memòria de la matèria

Albert Abril (2013)
In the heart of the Amazon jungle live the Zo’é Indians, a tribe without hierarchies, without chiefs or shamans, where monogamy coexists with polygamy and polyandry.

The legacy of Elna

Toni Espinosa i Assumpta Montellà (2007)
Elna Eidenbenz rescued pregnant women from prison camps in the south of France, providing them with a dignified birth and helping almost 600 babies to be born.

Desde el silencio

Sonia Subirats i Aída Albert (2012)
This documentary narrates one of the most silenced events of the Spanish Civil War: The Republican exile in North Africa.


Eva Vila (2012)
He lives inside the house, he creates in the bar and his art is perfected on the corner of the street.

Entre Maestros

Pablo Usón (2012)
A group of teenagers, unmotivated by the education they have received at school, attend special classes for twelve days.

…de toda la vida

Lisa Berger (1984)
Documentary about the Dones Lliures organization that narrates, through interviews, their participation in the Spanish Civil War.

En el umbral de la conciencia

Carlos Pastor (2014)
A documentary about the indigenous problems of the Peruvian Amazon in their contact with civilization.

El somni

Christophe Farnarier (2008)
Since the dawn of time, a man walks before the flock to the rhythm of the seasons.

L’amor dels poetes

Rudy Gnutti i Domènec Duesa (2008)
Rudy Gnutti and Domènec Duesa are the alma mater of this work on poetic creation that becomes poetic creation in itself.

Sinaia, más allá del océano

Joan López Lloret (2012)
This is the unwritten history of the witnesses of the first trip to exile in Mexico, after the end of the Spanish Civil War.