D’amor i droga. Pobres, pobres que els donguin pel cul

Albert Pla, Lulú Martorell, Judith Farrés i Toti Rivera (2007)
The documentary delves into the life and work of Pepe Sales (1954-1994) through his audiovisual work, both for TVE’s Glasnot program and other more domestic ones.

Invisible Heroes: Afro-Americans in the Spanish Civil War

Alfonso Domingo i Jordi Torrent (2015)
The feat of the Lincoln Brigade is well known. Made up of 2,800 Americans, it came to defend the Spanish Republic in 1936.

Perseguits i salvats, camins de nit i boira

Felip Solé (2014)
The documentary begins when the Germans control the Franco-Spanish border and shows us how the successive expeditions of men, women, children and old Jews (more than 5000) manage to cross the Pyrenees to reach Barcelona.

Se fa saber

Zoraida Roselló (2012 – 2013)
Se fa saber, it is a traditional and caricature portrait of a town that could be anyone. A document about the intangible heritage of this place described through brushstrokes of the daily life of its inhabitants.

Lone Star, la estrella que marcó el camino

Marcel Cifré i Raúl Roda (2013)
LoneStar was born at the end of the 50s to change the musical history of Spain. It was born in a dark age, where censorship and state repression did not allow the entry of foreign pop culture.

Darrere la finestra

Ricard Mamblona (2006)
This documentary is the result of historical research to find out another side of the repression that the Franco system instituted in childhood and youth.

Tomás Alcoverro entre l’Orient i l’Occident

Uri Garcia i Kim Amor (2011)
Tomás Alcoverro has been covering the Middle East for the newspaper “La Vanguardia” for 40 years. He has become the dean of Spanish media in this part of the planet.

Songs of Redemption

Amanda Sans i Miquel Galofré (2013)
It tells the story of a group of prisoners at the General Penitentiary in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, who are part of a rehabilitation program based on reggae music.

El poble unit, mai més serà oprimit: Allariz 89

Ferran Llagostera (Per determinar)
A documentary explaining the events that happened in the town of Allariz (Ourense, Galicia) in 1989.

La cultura del cos: el futur de Prometeu i Durga

Francesc Llobet (2005)
The documentary we present talks about body language, or more precisely non-verbal communication.

Entre el Cel i la Terra

Tono Fologuera, David Fernandez de Castro i Román Parrado (2013)
The story of young people who dared to challenge the established system.