Have a Nice Day

Roger la Puente (2016)
With a “Have a nice day” they ended all the letters that Syu Win sent from the prison in Caen, France, to Roger la Puente.

The Periple

Mario Pons (2017)
In the journey, a light of hope always guides the navigator.

Joaquim Jordà i…

Martí Rom (2001)
Joaquim Jordà is probably the father of the creation documentary in our country and a key referent of Catalan cinema of the second half of the 20th century.

Orange Sunshine

William A. Kirkley (2016)
If you want to break the law, you’ll need a little help from your friends.

Robert Llimós. Art i ovnis

José Antonio López de Espinosa (2016)
The painter Robert Llimós has an unusual experience: while he is drawing on the beach in Fortaleza, Brazil, he sees a UFO in the fog.

Guatemala. Cuando el futuro perdió el miedo

Jordi Ferrer (2016)
“Guatemala’s history is written, with blood and tears, on the body and soul of its women.”

COPEL: Una historia de rebeldía y dignidad

d’Ex Presos socials COPEL (2017)
With the death of Franco, the process of democratization of the dictatorial regime was forced from below by a multitude of social struggles, among them.

Espías en la arena. Objectivo España

Marta Hierro i Pablo Azorín Williams (2016)
“Espías en la arena” narrates events that have so far barely been investigated in the history of the Spanish Civil War.

The documentary at the School

Various authors (2016)
Selection of 5 documentaries made by students of: INS La Mercè, EMAV, Comunicació Audiovisual UB, Blanquerna and INS Santa Eulàlia.

Art i rebel·lia. Carles Fontserè, a contracorrent

Albert Abril (2017)
The revolutionary posterism that arose in the wake of the Civil War represents, in our country, the transformation of posterism.

Alexandre Deulofeu, l’historiador del futur

Àngel Leiro (2016)
We start the 6th season of Visions Documentals with a documentary about one of the most unique characters in our recent history: Alexandre Deulofeu.