True to our desire to show those works that, being remarkable, do not get enough or even any dissemination, and after the good reception we had last season, we again programmed “El documentary a l’escola” . This year we selected 5 documentaries made by students from: INS La Mercè, EMAV, Comunicació Audiovisual UB, Blanquerna and INS Santa Eulàlia. A selection that, both for the topics covered and for the technical and narrative quality, will surely not disappoint you. Make the aforementioned selection here:

Word is Bond: “Sherwod Syndrome” is a Hip Hop collective that emerged from the fringes of the city. Socially committed and self-defined as anti-fascists, they denounced, through rap – one of the most combative poetic currents of the late 20th century – the social injustices around them.

Data sheet
Production: Saitons Films
Director: Raúl Mora
Screenplay: Pau Cabeza
Camera: Alberto Álbarez, Pau Cabeza, Jordi Montserrat and Raúl Mora
Sound: Jordi Montserrat
Year: 2016
Duration: 15:16 min.

Pride memory: Today the rights of homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, etc. are protected by our legislation. But it wasn’t always like that. The Franco regime persecuted the “different”, and only with a constant struggle of the LGTB movement has it been possible to conquer the current status.

Data sheet
Production: Violeta Borrell, Alberto Espín and María López
Director: Raúl Mora
Screenplay: Pau Cabeza
3D animations: Cristina Cepero, Paula Cuenca and Yaiza Espigares
Músca: Samuel Cañizares and Ainoa Muñoz
Year: 2015
Duration: 10:27 min.

Eternal promise: When January 20 approaches – Saint Sebastian’s Day – the town of Tossa de Mar is ready to fulfill, once again, a tradition that is more than 600 years old: “The Pilgrim”. Something that surpasses religious beliefs and surprises for the enormous emotion and passion it arouses in those who participate.

Data sheet
Production: Pol Fàbregas and Marco Emiliani
Director: Marco Emiliani
Director of photography: Nil Santané
Creative direction: Pol Fabregas
Edition: Marco Emiliani
Music: Nicanor Coris
Year: 2016
Duration: 34:55 min.

Art Stigma: Rituals of initiation, religious ceremonies, marks of slavery and shame, art or stigma. Tattoos are fashionable, but throughout history, depending on the time and culture, they have earned very different valuations. Are they still a stigma today?

Data sheet
School: EMAV
Production: Francisco Rosair, Rebeca Esteve, Yannick Serra and
Director: Sandra Díaz-Benito
Director of photography: Sara Arroyo
Camera: Daniela Tomé and Mar Perálvarez
Sound: Erik Ronquillo
Year: 2015
Duration: 21:20 min.

Mom, always: Today, sexual diversity is accepted and we have learned to live with different ways of understanding life, sexuality and family, but being “trans.” it’s not always easy. An intimate and poignant portrait of transsexuality and its family consequences.
After the screening, the authors of the documentaries and their teachers will hold a discussion with the audience about the works presented and the future of the documentary in audiovisual education in our country.

Data sheet
Direction and script: Dana Natera
Production and editing: Gina Forasté
Director of photography: Laia Canadell
Sound: Nabil Girones
Year: 2016
Duration: 19:58 min.