For those of us who consume and make documentaries at home, the Girona Cinemas in Barcelona are an inescapable reference, as is their director, Toni Espinosa. What many people may not know is that Toni directs and produces his own documentaries.
In this work co-directed with Assumpta Montellà, we see the tender and dramatic humanitarian adventure of Elna Eidenbenz to rescue pregnant women from prison camps in the south of France, providing them with a dignified birth and helping almost 600 babies to be born. A story of love and solidarity in the midst of war madness.

Data sheet

Title: The legacy of Elna’s motherhood
Director: Toni Espinosa and Assumpta Montellà
Editing script: Toni Espinosa and Roger Comella
Producer: Toni Espinosa
TVC producer: Jordi Ambròs
Director of Photography: Albert Serradó
Photo Archive: Elisabeth Eidenbenz and Remei Oliva
Music: Marc Durandeau
Editing: Roger Comella
Duration: 59 min.
Year: 2007