The documentary delves into the life and professional experience of Tomás Alcoverro, the correspondent who has been covering the Middle East for the newspaper La Vanguardia for 40 years. Surely, the image most of us have of the conflicts in this area has a lot to do with him. He is the longest-serving correspondent in the Middle East. “Tomás Alcoverro is a phenomenon in himself”, says one of the interviewees, “it is wonderful to be with him, since you are at the same time with the West and with the East, you would need at least a thousand Alcoverros”
Through the opinions of the journalist, who has his usual residence in Beirut, the current Arab revolts, the evolution of journalism and the distance that separates the East from the West are analyzed.
In the presentation and subsequent discussion, in addition to the authors of the documentary Uri Garcia and Kim Amor, we had the priceless presence of Tomás Alcoverro.

Data sheet

Title: Tomàs Alcoverro entre l’Orient i l’Occident
Producer: Uri Garcia
Screenplay: Kim Amor
Image: Emili Amor
Editing: Gerard Ribas
Production: Pilar Razquin
Duration: 53 min.
Year: 2011