A group of twelve actors meet at the Civic Center of Besós. They all work at Femarec, a company dedicated, among others, to the selective collection and management of waste to the treatment and collection of recycling material with a workforce of which almost 80% are mentally disabled and people with mental disorders.
For 14 years they have had an appointment with the director and actress Glòria Rognoni (who had been a member of Els Joglars) to prepare the play they are performing at the end of November at the Teatre Victòria. This year’s assembly is entitled “The discreet charm of the cages”.
The documentary covers the lives of these twelve actors, their work routine at Femarec where they do various jobs, their connection with the theatre, their doubts, their hopes and their nerves until the day of the premiere. A Lemure production, with a script by Inés García-Albi and directed by Antonio Cortés.

Data sheet

Title: Un dia de glòria
Director: Antonio Cortés and Jordi Homs
Screenplay: Inés García-Albi
Director of photography: Antonio Cortés
Production: Jordi Homs
Music: Toni Colomer
Editing: Laura P. Solá
Year: 2011